Fill RX

If you are local to Southwest Michigan, you can always walk in to get your prescription filled, as long as you have your prescription and personal insurance information.  If you are not local or cannot come to the pharmacy, follow the set of instructions below that are relevant to you.

New Customers

To fill a new prescription:Call in with your information, OR fax in the downloadable New Customer Form, which you can also use for reference when calling in.

If calling in an order for the first time, have the following patient information on hand:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • List of Allergies
  • Insurance Info (all found on insurance card)- Insurance Company- ID/Member #- Group #- PCN# or BIN#
  • Credit Card #, Expiration Date, CVV2 Code
  • Pick Up/Delivery Info

To transfer prescription refills:

Follow the process for new customers above.  In addition to the information above, we will also need:

  • Name of previous pharmacy
  • Prescription number of drug at previous pharmacy

Smartphone Refills

  • Download QR Code Reader from smartphone app store.
  • Use QR Reader to scan square QR code
  • Follow instructions on smartphone app
  • Compatible with Iphone and Android apps


Returning Customers

To fill a new prescription:Please call your doctor and have him/her fax in or e-prescribe in the prescription for you.

In addition, you must call the phamacy, OR fax us a Fill New Prescription Form so we can process your prescription and designate pickup or local delivery.

To refill a medication on file:

You can fax us a Refill Prescription Form, or call in the 6-digit prescription # located on the top left of your medications container, along with pick-up or delivery information.  If you do not have a container, we need your name, phone #, and name of the item requested.