Welcome to Medicine Tree Pharmacy

Welcome to Medicine Tree Pharmacy, where we pride ourselves in experience and excellent customer service. As a compounding pharmacy, we offer custom-tailored solutions for the special needs of patients and physicians, giving each customer the kind of personal attention that many other pharmacies cannot offer. However, we do not stop there. We also offer traditional pharmacy services, immunizations, durable medical equipment, vitamins and supplements as well as a unique card and gift shop. Stop in and share your needs with our friendly and professional staff.

We are located in the heart of Mattawan at the McGillen’s Crossing business development center. We look forward to meeting you!


Beginning January 1st we will be offering FREE prescription delivery within 15 miles of the pharmacy

Beginning January 1st we will be offering free medication packaging

Take a look at our new low deductible prescription program

FLU SHOTS ARE HERE – Fluzone® Quadrivalent which covers 4 strains of the flu
A portion of our influenza vaccine proceeds are donated to the Mattawan Public Education Foundation.

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With our ALL NEW Red Med Box Program we are also environmentally conscious, read below for more info on this great program.


Help protect our drinking water!
Properly disposing unused and unwanted medications helps to protect the environment. It also helps to protect our community against prescription abuse, addiction, and accidental or intentional overdose. We have a Red Med Box in our pharmacy.

For more info on the Red Med Box click here


Red Med Box will accept

  • Expired and unused medications
  • Over the Counter medications
  • Antibiotics/steroids
  • Cold and flu medications
  • Vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Medication samples
  • Pet Medications
  • Medicated ointment/lotion/drops
  • Unopened Epi-Pens
  • Liquid medications

Red Med Box will NOT accept

  • Needles/lancets/syringes
  • Thermometers
  • IV bags
  • Bloody or infectious waste
  • Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, etc.
  • Business waste
  • Empty containers
  • Personal care products
  • Used Epi-Pens
  • Aerosol cans
  • Electronic devices (diabetes testers, etc.)
  • Inhalers